Professional Life

Basilio Chen is a high-performance executive and serial techno-preneur now involved in cross-border transactions with Chinese companies and possesses substantial experience in high tech and startups in the United States, Asia Pacific, Latin America and China.  Mr. Chen has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications, computer and high technology industry, and over 15 years in management and finance.  He has started, financed, actively managed, and operated a multitude of companies since inception.

Mr. Chen gave early warning of the 2000 technology bubble personally exiting from the high tech field into what he calls the Hi-Tech to the Low-Tech.  His last white paper was the future of VoIP, WiFi and Peer-to-Peer distribution. Through his research along with the use of his proprietary technology, he forecasted the 2007/2008 market downturn, the appreciation of gold prices starting in 2001, the trend for increased inflation and more recently the financial market downturn that started in May 2011.  In his latest book published 2012, Mr. Chen predicts how China will develop globally by investing and acquiring companies. [Ref 1]

He has personally worked with the Fortune 10 of Telecommunications and has spoken at over 200+ seminars and lectures worldwide. In 1999, he presented after the Chairman of the Malaysian Stock Exchange on “The Future Directions of Technology,“ where he predicted the adoption of peer-to-peer technology many years before its emergence. In the 2001 roundtable discussion of APIA businesses in San Francisco, Mr. Chen presented on the fast growing Asian American community and its combined economic ranking to the then US Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao.

Mr. Chen has extensive experience in cross-border development in China, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe. He has been Economic Advisor to City of Suining, Sichuan and City of Zhongshan, Guangdong, PRC. He has been former member of Well Fargo Strategic Advisory Board, California State Assembly Select Committee on Asian Trade Advisory Board, Presidential Business Commission and former President of the Asian Business Association (ABA).

Professional Career:

  • The Evotech Group - Chairman & Managing Partner - Began in 1984 as a high-tech company and played an integral part in developing technologies such as aDSL, WiFi technology, Bradley Robotic Military Tanks.  Now focuses on incubating portfolio and client companies for raising capital and growing geometrically through acquisition and has since expanded to Guangzhou and Shanghai, China.
  • Prior to his professional career in the USA, he was a professionally accredited engineer at the Instituto Nacional de Telecommunicaciones (INTEL) in Panama City, Panama responsible for long term central office switch planning and telecommunications transmission network, microwave and trunking designs where he designed and installed the first CCITT PCM 32 channel trunk prototype and proposed the first Tropospheric Radio Scattering System in Central America.  He was professor of mathematics, and of electrical and electronics engineering and instrumentation for a brief period in 1975-1976 at the University of Panama (Colon Extension).  He presently teaches and gives seminars worldwide in a broad range of topics ranging from technology, business, finance, health and ancestors roots heritage.

Past Clients (Partial)

  • United Defense
  • FMC Corporation
  • Alcatel
  • L.M. Ericsson
  • Tyco-Raychem
  • Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District -  SCADA and automation systems, developed proprietary patents for freeze crystallization technology for distilling water.

Advisory Positions (Present/Past)

Community Activity

From 1996 to 2002, Mr. Chen worked with Asian American leaders Bok F. Pon and Dr. John B. Tsu to create the first Asian American and Pacific Islander coalition to foster awareness of the mainstream public affair process for Asian Americans.  In 1996, he was appointed by Michael J. Schroeder as Chairman of the Pacific Rim Economic Advisory Council of the California Republican Party.  He was elected in March 7, 2000 in San Mateo, California as a Member of the Republican Party Central Committe, Supervisorial District 5.


  • Florida State University – MBA Program & Finance
  • University of British Columbia – Pattern Recognition
  • Professional Engineering Certification (Panama, 1975)
  • Bachelors of Science (Cum Laude)- California State Polytechnic University, 1974
    • Eta Kappa Nu
    • Tau Beta Pi
  • Graduate of La Salle in Panama (1974)

Languages Spoken (fluent):

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish


1.去美国并购:中国公司如何通过并购成为跨国公司 (Mergers & Acquisitions to the USA: How Chinese Companies Become Global Companies) ISBN: 978-7-5642-1482-1/F published by Shanghai Finance University Press, 2012.